Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kelly's Birthday Trip To See Mom

For Kelly's birthday I got him a trip to see his mom, Dee, in Anchorage. Because I had an extra companion ticket, he took Bailey along. I know this is a little late in my posting but I just got the pictures dowloaded from the camera.
Here's a picture of Bailey and Dee in Dee's new home. For those that don't know, Dee just moved to Anchorage a couple of months ago because she got a job with the FAA. We miss her but we know she really wanted this job so we're really happy for her.

While they were in Anchorage, Kelly, Dee, and Bailey had a great time. They went to H2Oasis, Benihanas, the Zcoil shop, a costume shop, the Diamond Center Mall and of course our favorite burger joint Red Robin. Man I wish they'd get one of those here!

Really though, even though they went out a lot, I think the part that Kelly liked best was just staying in and hanging out with Mom. Kelly and Dee are really close and Kelly really enjoys just hanging out with her, maybe having a cocktail or two, and chatting at the kitchen table. Oh, and he really liked her letting him sleep in until noon and then making him breakfast as well. Maybe I'll sneak away to Dee's house. :)
All in all, it was a great birthday for Kelly and I think I got him the perfect present. We're now looking forward to Dee joining us for Christmas but until then...We love you and miss you Dee!

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