Sunday, November 16, 2008

38th Anniversary/Silver Gulch

My parents were celebrating their 38th anniversary so we took them out to the Silver Gulch Brewhouse Restaraunt. I think this restaraunt is really neat because it is a local piece of history. The Silver Gulch used to be the Fox Roadhouse and instead of ripping it down to build the brewhouse, they built the new brewhouse around the old fox roadhouse building. Bailey loves to go upstairs and see the shell of the old building, windows and all, in the center of the new building.

True to their name, the have a brewery as well where they make beer and ale that is locally themed such as Fairbanks Lager and Coldfoot Pilsner. We're not beer drinkers ourselves but it was fun to see the giant tanks and such.
Here's our table in the main part of the restaraunt.

Kelly couldn't resist taking a video of the family...but mostly Vaughn in his little sweater-vest and tie. Too cute!

We finished up the evening with the new Madagascar movie at the theater. All in all it was a great evening and one that made me so proud as in this day and age it's nice to have proof that marriages can last. Congrats Mom and Dad, we're proud of you!


Dahlia said...

38 years...amazing...congrats to them! And did I notice in the videos from this post and the concert post that Bailey's and your hair is shorter? It looks great even if it hasn't been cut :) We miss you bunches!!!

Melissa said...

WOW, 38 years!! I hope I can meet a man one day and be able to celebrate 38th anniversary. Congrats to them :)

Kelly, Amber, Bailey and Vaughn said...

Dahlia: I did cut my hair. I'm not sure I like it shorter but it was time to get rid of the dead ends and get it healthy again. Bailey got hers layered so depending on the shot it may look shorter. We really miss you guys too.

Melissa: I have confidence you will find that man and he's worth waiting for.