Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just A Day At The Office

So apparently Dr. Grauman made the mistake of telling Dr. Kohnen and Jeanne that Gamma Rays would hit a computer several times a year causing it to error. This lead to a very elaborate plot on their part to tease Dr. Grauman.

Today was our staff meeting and it was time for the plot to play out. Jeanne did a nice lead in on how we need to keep our work environment OSHA safe. She then talked about hazards in our of them being gamma ray exposure. Dr. Kohnen said that they had taken appropriate precautions to protect us from the rays and we then all pulled out our aluminum foil hats and put them on, much to Dr. Grauman's shock and amusement. It was then Dr. Grauman's turn to put on his protective gear.

He was glad he had a full cape as he wanted to make sure that the "family jewels" were covered. Hee hee.

Bring on the Gamma Rays....he's ready to go!

And here we all our with our wonderful aluminum foil hats and Dr. Grauman fully "protected." It's nice to know we can have fun with each other like this and Dr. Grauman was such a good sport.

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