Friday, November 14, 2008

6 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Hearing Kelly and Bailey laugh at a movie. Kelly laughs loud and bold and with full joy so that you can't help but to laugh with him. Bailey giggles out of control and her face stretches into such a huge grin that it looks like it hurts. The two of them will watch a funny movie and I get those two laughs in stereo and there's no better sound.

2. Snuggling Vaughn when he's quiet and sleepy. He doesn't really snuggle much any more, he's too busy, but sometimes when he's really tired and sleepy he'll snuggle right in, smile at me, and talk in the softest little voice saying things like "I wuv you" or "Hi Mama." It brings me peace.

3. Kelly rubbing my back until I fall asleep. His gentle touch shows me he loves me while at the same time the massage relaxes me so that I drift off into the most pleasant rest. He'll tell you that I'm greedy and that I make him rub even though I've already dozed off and he's probably right but I can't help it...those gentle touches from the man I adore are just intoxicating.

4. Watching Bailey do something that brings her pride. She gets so proud of herself and she stands up tall and grins and kind of pushes out her chest a little and you just know she's having one of those "Yep, that was me. I'm awesome" moments.

5. Going on vacation. I LOVE to travel. I love to see new things. I love to be pampered. Really though, I love to watch the reactions on the faces of the ones I love when they go and experience these things. To see them getting to do things that bring them such joy makes me happier than doing them myself.

6. Spending time with family...all my family, whether it be with Kelly, Bailey, and Vaughn or with my parents, with Jeremy & Dahlia or Melissa and Sean or Dee and Yoda...doesn't matter. I didn't grow up with a lot of extended family so marrying Kelly gave me that. Who knew he came with even more gifts? It's a treat to me to have all these branches of our family that we get to love and experience.

Ok Miss, I did it. Your turn Dahlia. :) Oh and Miss I tried to respond to your post about your six...but again you've deemed me unworthy. :(


Melissa said...

I promise I am NOT denying your comments/posts. You just gotta wait for me to get the email about the comment and give me time to publish it. Chiiiiiiill, LOL

Dahlia said...

Vaughn can say I wuv you?! Abbie's favorite word is still nooooo ;)

I love this post!

Kelly, Amber, Bailey & Vaughn said...

Hey Miss...I must have my blog approved to just publish all comments so didn't realize yours was different.

Hey Dahlia...Yeah, Vaugh says "I wuv you!" and it is the most freakin cute thing I've ever heard. He has this weird kind of lisp thing that make all his words kind of different and cute (cute now, maybe not when he's 40 though lol). He hasn't really gotten into the the no thing yet but I'm sure he will as girls are more advanced so Abbie beat him to it.