Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween but because the house is listed for sale we couldn't decorate like we usually do. I still tried to make it a fun Halloween for everyone though. The evening started at my parents house for a great Halloween dinner...great not just because it tasted good but also because I didn't have to cook it. Yay!
We then got the kids dressed in their costumes. Well actually, I got the kids dressed while Kelly tried to stay out of the way...I have a plan and I can be a bit bossy when I want to get it done. But anyway, I got Bailey all scary and then got Vaughn all cute and we packed up to head for home for the regular trick-or-treating mayhem.

Bailey's Costume

Bailey is what she called a "Black Widow Spider Queen." She looked a lot scarier than I expected but she LOVED it. I don't know that my facepainting skills were so great even with the stencil I had but those are supposed to be spiders and a web on her face.
The costume was pretty neat. Bailey got it in Anchorage when she and Kelly went to visit Grandma Dee so she was the only around that had it. This gave her great pride as it seems that every year there's someone with her same costume on. She sure got a kick out of looking at herself in the mirror. For Bailey, any excuse to dress up is a good day.

Here's Bailey when she bought the costume. Guess the make-up was the scary part.

Vaughn's Costume

Pretty sure this is the only time Vaughn smiled in his costume. Apparently the costume that I thought was so adorable was to Vaughn so uncomfortable. The hair around his head got stuck in his mouth and I think it was itchy. We took his picture and then loaded him in the truck to take him Trick-or-Treating and he cried all the way home. I took off the hood and that was a little better. So, we were the only ones to see our cute lion.

After we pulled off the hood things were going a little better for our little man. I was planning on staying home to greet the Trick-or-Treaters while Kelly took the kids out but I wanted to see a little of Vaughn's first experience so I took him to the houses across the street. Vaughn did great at the first house, proudly showing his Elmo treat bucket and telling our neighbor "Melmo, melmo, melmo" which I guess is his version of Trick or Treat?

At the next house the neighbor sprung to the door in a bright red devil mask and I think that set the tone for the rest of Vaughn's evening as he cried and hugged to my shoulder. The neighbor took off his mask and tried to sooth Vaughn but Vaughn had made up his mind that he was not letting that crazy man touch his precious "Melmo" treat bucket.

He made it through about another 15 minutes of trick or treating with Kelly and Bailey but even that was a fight. Kelly brought him back to me and then he was happy. He was a great helper as he stood on the couch watching out the window and would warn me every time someone would come to the door and then run to the door with me to hand out the candy.

The Candy Haul

Looks like Bailey did pretty well on her candy haul even without Vaughn's help. Here they are playing in her spoils.