Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're Having A Baby!!!

We've tried (rather unsuccessfully...love you Mom!) to keep this to ourselves for a bit but since the word is out thanks to some family members (again, Mom), I figured we might as well share it with everyone, so we're having another baby. 
We had some complications thus far so we've been a bit worried but today we had an ultrasound and we got some really good news. Dr. Worrall said we now have a "viable pregnancy." We have a heartbeat, we have an embryo, and nothing looks particularly worrisome. Once you see a heartbeat, the odds of having a miscarriage go WAY down so we can breathe a little now.
It really seems real to me now. I have to admit that until this point I haven't truly believed it but then when I saw that heart just pounding away, my breath caught in my throat. He wont admit it, but I'm pretty sure that huge grin on Kelly's face was also accompanied with a little wetness around the eyes. We both saw it almost immediately before Dr. Worrall even pointed out anything and we were both ecstatic. 
So, that's our news and we're very surprised but also very happy. Be ready to add another O'Neil come December 28th (or if he/she is like the other two, a few weeks before)! :)