Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Bad Day...

***Update at Bottom***

It's good that if we're gonna have a bad day that we get it all out at once...so, with that, today was one of those bad days where we got out all that bad luck.

Bad day event number 1...

Yesterday I got a call from a buyer for our house making an offer. The offer was what we considered fair and so we verbally accepted the offer and began to put it in writing. My broker stayed up late last night getting the contracts all written and after talking to the buyer, emailed them out to her. Then, for reasons I'm still unclear about, the buyer decided they no longer wanted the house. They really gave very little explanation, they just pulled out. To say we were disapointed is an understatement. To be honest, even though the smart part of me reminded that so many things could go wrong so I shouldn't get my hopes up, my heart had already packed the boxes and had ironed out the plan for the major change in our lives. When I got the call canceling the offer, all those moving boxes in my head had no where to go and I spent a great deal of time this afternoon feeling especially sorry for myself.

Bad day event number 2...

We were invited to my parents house for a lovely dinner. After dinner, Vaughn was putting on a real show for us in the living room. He had one of those books that you push different buttons to play music and so he would push a button and dance around the living room in all kinds of silly ways. After about 20 minutes of watching him dance while my mom and I giggled at his antics, Vaughn got a little too silly and made himself dizzy and when he did, he fell face first into their stone fireplace hearth. I got to him as quickly as I could and flipped him around to see the blood dripping from his face. I pulled his lip up and his mouth was a mess. Perhaps I was a bit over-protective but I headed for the ER to see if he needed stitches as there were several flaps of skin pulled away from his gums and a large area of just raw open wound with bleeding. So, I met Kelly at the ER and we had Vaughn seen.

The wait wasn't too long so I was impressed with that. The doctor examined Vaughn and said that it was probably the worst mouth injury she had seen in that type of wound for a toddler and that he had ripped off the top layer of skin across his gum line on his upper lip. Vaughn was a real trooper and let the examine him and didn't even cry. Anyway, an exam and a $125 co-pay later, the doctor said that there was little they could do and that it just needs to heal on its own even though it looked horrible. She said it may bleed for days and that he will be uncomfortable for awhile but that he should be okay. They said his nose got bruised too but on the positive side, his teeth were okay and looks like he managed to miss them completely. On the downside, he now looks like The Joker is his father but we're hoping that will be gone quickly.

Here is a picture of Vaughn with his fat lip. It's not the best picture but the boy was wiped out so I did the best I could. Keep in mind that the damage is on the inside so the outside really doesn't look as bad as it could.

All in all, the experience with Vaughn certainly put the house thing in perspective. I realized that until I sat down to type up this entry, I hadn't even thought about the house as Vaughn was the only thought on my mind. I wish I wouldn't have had Vaughn put on the chopping block to teach me a necessary life lesson but anyone that knows me knows that the quickest way to get me to take notice is to go through my kids. Perhaps if I wasn't so stubborn and worried about material things, I wouldn't have needed that lesson and next time I hope I can avoid it but at least for this time, I'm willing to sit back and be thankful that my children are healthy and safe and that we have a nice home for them to find comfort in and that's truly all we really need.

So Vaughn woke up this morning looking as if he'd done 6 rounds with Mike Tyson. Poor little guy. He's smiling here so he's not feeling too bad (I hope!)


Dahlia said...
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Dahlia said...

I'm so so sorry about your bad day. Those people stink for getting your hopes up! I'm glad Vaughn is smiley and I hope that he heals quickly, poor little guy! Don't you worry (easier said than done, I know) about your house - it'll sell when it's supposed to - and it will be right at the perfect time. You're a good mother Amber, and I've always thought you were a great example of how to not sweat the small stuff, especially when it comes to the things the kiddos do. Give Vaughn our love, and a yummy popsicle for us :)
See you soon (we head out on May 18th!) we can't wait!!!
love you all very much.

Kelly, Amber, Bailey and Vaughn said...

Thanks Dahlia...I kind of needed to hear that. I know I should be logical and tough and all that but every now and then the emotional side kicks in and well...it kicks hard. :)
Poor little Vaughn sure is being a trooper though which is teaching me a lesson all in itself. Here he has these gums with chunks hanging down all over his teeth and they are red and swollen and he just goes about his day making the best of it. Well gee, if he can do that, why am I whining?

Kelly, Amber, Bailey and Vaughn said...

Oh, and YAY! Can't wait to see you too! I'm gonna hold all those babies of yours until they squirm free (which I'm sure wont be that long). I'm so excited!!!

Melissa said...

He still is adorable as ever, big lip and all. Just have him say to everyone, "You should see the other guy" LOL
I am so sorry to hear about the house. But, I'm a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and this only happened because there is something ten times better coming along, a better offer, better buyers, better, better, better! Sucks it happened that way though. Give Vaughn a big hug and a light kiss from his Aunt Melissa. I hope he feels better.

Erika said...
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