Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kelly's I-Phone

Okay, so I had to renew my cell phone contract. Cellone got bought out by AT&T and so they told me that if I ever made any changes to my account that I would have to renew with a new AT&T plan. I have been holding out because I had a pretty good deal on our phones but then we went to Arizona and Kelly went into the lazy river at the waterpark with his phone in the pocket of his swim trunks. We tried all different ways to get a new phone for him or drop him from my plan without having to renew our contract but AT&T didn't bite. In the end, I had to agree to a new contract or I had to pay for monthly service for Kelly's phone even though he didn't have one. So, we went into the AT&T store and looked around at all the pretty phones...and...well I think the title says it all. I figured as long as I had to get a new phone, might as well get what Kelly really wanted and has been hinting at for over a year now...the I-Phone.

He's had it now for a little over a week and I rarely see him without it in his hand. We've watched a movie on it (pretty darn good graphics for such a small screen) and Kelly and Bailey have played countless games on it already. He's already added a ton of music to it and I realize about 2 minutes too late that he's got the earphones in and isn't hearing a word I'm saying. I'm beginning to feel that his new best friend is his phone.
To tell the truth I have checked it out but I didn't have the patience or whatever and so I didn't spend the time needed to figure it out. Both of the kids are pros at the phone already though. Bailey tries to take off with it any chance she gets and Vaughn knows how to turn it on and off so he can see his picture as the wallpaper and then get to his drawing game that he is that possible that my baby who's not even 2 yet knows the phone better than I do.
So, if anyone wants to call Kelly, please feel free to call him on the phone as I'd like to believe it actually can be used as a phone...about the only feature he dosn't really use. :)


Melissa said...

Oooooo, he is SO lucky!! I want, I want, I want!! Does he have unlimited texting on this new phone???? Thats what Tayllor and I do a lot of. Congrats to Kelly on the new phone, and don't worry Amber, we all had to make that switch to AT&T. I think it's been better for us in the long run. Hope it all goes good for you guys. When are you gonna break down and get Bailey a phone??? *HUGS*

Kelly, Amber, Bailey and Vaughn said...

I'll let him know you are jealous, it will make his day. He does have unlimited does Bailey. I broke down and traded in her trackphone for the real deal which she is delighted about. I'll give you the number when I see you (don't want to post it online). She'd love to get a call or a text from you or Tayllor from time to time I'm sure!

dee said...

Hi, I love your blog, I am so glad to be back in AK and can't wait to see all of you very soon.


Grandma Dee