Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Those three magic words...

Tonight I heard those three wonderful, it wasn't "I love you," or "Pretty please Mom," or even "Uh-oh Mommy, Yucky!" No, today my husband said the three words that when he says them, they still take my breath away...Here's the story.

I had to go to work today extra early. For me, that meant starting my day around 4:00am. I worked my regular job with extra tasks today only to head off to my second job as soon as the first finished. Needless to say, by the time my work day was ending, I was reasonably exhausted. As I was driving to pick-up the kids I was dreading the evening of cooking and dishes. Also, being Wednesday, I was hitting my mid-week lonely cycle. Most of you know that Kelly and I work opposite schedules so other than a kiss hello while I'm asleep in the evening and a kiss goodbye while he's asleep in the morning, we don't see each other all week. We communicate mostly by phone calls though we are starting to join the texting generation. Anyway, I picked up the phone to call Kelly (don't tell Bailey I was talking on my phone while driving or she'll yell at me!). I called his office Kelly. So, then I called his cell phone and though the connection was bad and there was a lot of commotion, I finally got him on the line. Knowing how busy he was just from the fact that I had to track him down, I tentatively asked "Is today a bad day for us to come have dinner with you?" Kelly hmm'd and haa'd, explaining that he was really busy, and I realized I was forcing him to feel guilty and I didn't want that so I told him that it was okay, I understood, we'd do it another day.

Then he said it. Oh, it makes my heart flutter just to think about it. Girls it's the sexiest line, I'm telling you. Are you ready for wonderful husband said "No, it's okay, I'll make time. Come and we'll have dinner." He'll make time for me. He will take time out of his busy day, pay the consequences of being pulled away from his tasks, and make time for me. Could there be any better way to say that he loves me? Diamonds, BAH! Give me your time and my heart will forever be yours. Truly, I think there is no better feeling than your husband specifically making the choice to give you his time even when it is not convenient or even downright difficult to do so. Someone can tell you over and over that they love you but when they sacrifice to be with you then they are showing you that they love you.
So we had a nice dinner. We talked about our day. We laughed at the kids. We dealt with a Vaughn toddler tantrum as a team. Now, I am getting ready to go to bed alone but it's okay because my heart is full because he made time for me. I think sometimes we take those simple things like a dinner together as a family for granted but for Kelly and I, a midweek family moment is truly a gift.
Thank you Kelly for making my day, my lifetime. Thank you for doing something so simple yet so important as making time for me. I love you!

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Dahlia said...

Thank you Kelly for making Amber's day :) It must be so hard on everyone with the opposite schedules, but the quality time together sure makes it better. I can't believe how big both kiddos are in those photos! And we LOVE Kelly's shirt ;) Hope you are all surviving...we love and miss you and can't wait to see you soon!