Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Baby Turned 10!

Yesterday my baby, my Bailey, turned 10 years old. She is double digits. It made me think back to what I still see sometimes in my head when I look at her. Sometimes when she smiles at me, this is what I see:
And yet this is what she has become. Don't get me wrong, I am immensley proud of her. Bailey is smart (almost too much so), sweet, kind, and never misses the chance to tell the people that she loves that she cares about them. She is joyous and jubilent and very open with her emotions. If she is sad, you will want to cry with her (and I have many times) and if she is happy, you can't help but to smile when she grins at you with that full face grin that spreads across her face. It is my joy and my honor to be her mother.
Next week we will have her birthday party and celebrate for her with her friends but yesterday was just for her family where we got to have her precious attention for one evening. Happy Birthday my baby...both the one I see now and the one I remember in my head. We love you and are proud of who you have become and we look forward to watching to see where life will take you but know that it can never take you far from our hearts.


Dahlia said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! I miss you so really much. You're my bestest friend and I like playing with you. You're so pretty! love, Madeline

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!! You have gotten SO grown up and have turned into a beautiful young lady. I hope you get everything you want and more for your special day. I'm sorry that Tayllor and I won't be there to celebrate with you, but do remember that we are thinking of you and wish you the best. Love Aunt Melissa

Kelly, Amber, Bailey and Vaughn said...

Dear Madeline,
I miss you too. I can't wait to play with you. You're my bestest bestest friend. You're very special to me. I always think of you when I wear our dress. I really, really, really miss you. Love, Bailey.

Dear Aunt Melissa,
Thank you. I did get pretty much everything I wanted. I got a new skating dress, new clothes, a skating video game, and some money from Grandma Barbara and Grandma Dee that I'm gonna go shopping with. I miss seeing you and Tayllor, maybe we can get together soon. Love, Bailey

Melissa said...

Awwww *sniffle* she is such a sweetheart!

Bailey - We miss you too (although you know Tayllor, being a boy and all, won't admit it, hehe) I'm happy to hear you got what you asked for. They sound like very awesome presents. I'm bummed we'll miss your party this weekend but as soon as we get back, we'll make a date to get together ok?? Love, Aunt Melissa