Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas With The Grandparents

With the weather as bad as it was and all the flights getting canceled, we weren't sure if we'd make it home to be with the kids on Christmas but someone was watching out for us and we finally made it home late Christmas Eve/Early Christmas morning so that we were there when the kids woke up. It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas and it was just as good as I hoped it would be.
We had planned to go small this year for gifts...guess my parents didn't get that memo! It looked like Toys R Us after the kids had opened their presents. Bailey's favorites were here kareoke machine, her spa making kit, and her Nintendo DS (thanks Grandparents). I think she still looks cute in her footie jammies...even if she is almost 10!
Here's Grandma Julee opening her presents. A new pair of slippers...just what she wanted.

Vaughn woke up and wasn't sure what to think of the whole thing. Mom and Dad were suddenly there, he got to eat candy out of the sock hanging on the fireplace (see the remnants on his face) and then we threw a bunch of boxes wrapped in paper at him. He got the hang of it though and started tearing into the packages as soon as I could get them in front of him. He got a little over-stimulated though and by the end of the day was actually thankful to be home and go to bed in his own crib that he's missed. He's sure gonna miss that thing when we move him up to a toddler bed...he really loves his bed.

Grandma Dee sure was a good sport and tried out one of Bailey's concoctions from her spa kit. Apparently it's sure to give you a good complexion...or be a healthy breakfast...hmmm, maybe she wasn't supposed to put in on her face but in it instead? Bailey, are you sure you got that right?

All in all, it was a great Christmas that was extra-special because we had so much family around. We sure missed Jeremy and Dahlia and their little ones and we will have to catch up with Barbara, Sean, Melissa, and Tayllor, but still a wonderful Christmas. Love to all and hope your holiday was as nice as ours.


Dahlia said...

I love the photo of Dee! What a good sport...and yeah, I think oatmeal is good for the skin...and the tummy :)

It's so good to get to see you guys so often - we miss and love you all!!!

Melissa said...

Looks like everyone had a nice xmas. Sorry we couldn't get together. Hopefully we'll see eachother soon!!
Hugs and kisses all around