Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Sunday...

Sunday is usually our family day and last Sunday we had a particularly nice one. We started out the day by going out to breakfast at the Cookie Jar. The kids each had their eyes on an Alaskan themed stuffed animal that they sell out front so I surprised them with them when we paid our bill.
Vaughn got a moose.

Bailey got an owl.

Vaughn figured that was right because he had of course announced to us that the moose was his when we came in. Actually, he proclaimed it to all that would hear with his "My moose!" cheers.

We then drove to Creamer's Field to check out the cranes. We were surpised by how many were there. Bailey loves the cranes so I wasn't at all surprised when she was moving and wiggling in the truck trying to get a better view. I was shocked though by how much Vaughn enjoyed the birds. We stayed in the truck because is was still like a swamp out there but we opened the windows and all you could hear were the honks and hoots of the cranes. The kids just loved it! Sadly though, we had to head about our day and Vaughn shed a few tears to say goodbye to his new feathered friends.

We were off for our regular grocery shopping and then home, only to rush out again to take Bailey to a classmate's birthday party while Vaughn and Kelly napped. Bailey and I were barely back in the house when a friend of mine called and invited us to come and cook with her. She was teaching us how to make Chinese dumplings...Yummy! Bailey loved it and the food was awesome! Thanks Mei!

Back home again where Kelly had a nice dinner waiting for us. After dinner we decided to end the evening with a family baking project. We made cookies with "Fundough." It's like playdough only it bakes into cookies. Vaughn didn't get it at first but after we pulled out the sprinkles, he was sold. Bailey was her usual artistic self creating art with sugar that I am still having trouble eating because it's so pretty. I made very nice circles and Kelly of course made a light saber. Here are only some of our creations.

It was a busy day but oh so lovely to have spent so much time together as a family doing wonderful activities. I hope we have many more Sundays just like that!


Melissa said...

That sounds like a very enjoyable, even relaxing Sunday. Love the fundough cookies!! :)

Dahlia said...

Did you make the dough or buy it? What a FUN idea :) And I can't believe how OLD the kids look. Vaughn looks just like a little Kelly!!! I can't wait to have the cousins talk to each other - cute!

Kelly, Amber, Bailey and Vaughn said...

Miss, it did seem relaxing just to have fun as a family even though it was full of activity. The cookies were the best part!

Dahlia, we bought the fun dough. You probably could make it as it's just colored sugar cookie dough but for whatever reason, the coloring they used doesn't rub off on your hands and I know if I colored myself, we'd have rainbow fingers. We had a blast doing it, it was so fun!
Can't wait to see you all too. We sure do miss all of you.