Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween but because the house is listed for sale we couldn't decorate like we usually do. I still tried to make it a fun Halloween for everyone though. The evening started at my parents house for a great Halloween dinner...great not just because it tasted good but also because I didn't have to cook it. Yay!
We then got the kids dressed in their costumes. Well actually, I got the kids dressed while Kelly tried to stay out of the way...I have a plan and I can be a bit bossy when I want to get it done. But anyway, I got Bailey all scary and then got Vaughn all cute and we packed up to head for home for the regular trick-or-treating mayhem.

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Dahlia said...

I LOVE the costumes - and Bailey's makeup is great!!! I can imagine the scene at your house when trying to get everyone ready to go ;) So glad you started a blog - welcome to the club! love you guys!!!