Friday, October 31, 2008

After we pulled off the hood things were going a little better for our little man. I was planning on staying home to greet the Trick-or-Treaters while Kelly took the kids out but I wanted to see a little of Vaughn's first experience so I took him to the houses across the street. Vaughn did great at the first house, proudly showing his Elmo treat bucket and telling our neighbor "Melmo, melmo, melmo" which I guess is his version of Trick or Treat?

At the next house the neighbor sprung to the door in a bright red devil mask and I think that set the tone for the rest of Vaughn's evening as he cried and hugged to my shoulder. The neighbor took off his mask and tried to sooth Vaughn but Vaughn had made up his mind that he was not letting that crazy man touch his precious "Melmo" treat bucket.

He made it through about another 15 minutes of trick or treating with Kelly and Bailey but even that was a fight. Kelly brought him back to me and then he was happy. He was a great helper as he stood on the couch watching out the window and would warn me every time someone would come to the door and then run to the door with me to hand out the candy.

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