Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kelly's Recovery

We have been stuck in the room since Kelly's surgery as this is pretty much what Kelly does all day...poor guy. We went down to the restaurant at the hotel once but other than that, I don't think Kelly's gone outdoors at all and we've been living off of room service. I did make it out to WalMart for a little bit yesterday to rent a couple of DVDs for us to watch. You know they have movie vending machines here? They're called "Redboxes." I've never heard of such a thing and the movie is only a buck to rent. How cool is that??? Uh-oh...I think I just got caught snapping photos as the beast is stirring. Hi Honey.

Here is a picture of his foot all casted up. It's a soft cast...the nurse said it would harden but I think she was wrong as it doesn't seem to be that way. Plus Dr. Freed said he would be checking the stitches on Monday and I don't think he could check them in a hard cast. Dr. Freed is really great and he even kissed the top of Kelly's bald head when he was all doped up in was really cute!

One good thing, Kelly doesn't need to use crutches...that would SUCK! So instead we rented this scooter thing as Kelly isn't allowed to put any weight at all on his foot. Kelly says it works pretty well and is kind of fun. We learned the hard way though that this is a one person operation and that I shouldn't try to help...sorry Kel! He put his other foot up when he was tired and I tried to pull him along only to find a divet in the pavement and overturn the full thing...scooter and Kelly over on myself. I'm glad he landed on me and not the pavement though. Since then I've left him to his own devices with the scooter.

All in all, he's doing well and I'm bored out of my gourd when he's sleeping. I like being here to take care of him so I really don't mind but goodness I'm getting tired of looking at these walls...maybe he'll share some of his percocet so I can nap too? Anyway, I'm sure I'll post more later with pictures from our last trip here where we got to have some fun and some other family stuff but Kelly's awake now and wants one of his only luxuries at the moment...his computer. Love to all!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like he's doing good, cept for the laying around part. Sounds like you could use a break though. Glad all went well and please give Kelly our love and tell him to get better soon!! *HUGS*